There are lots of things in our kitchen which we want to take care of cooking, but due to some avoidance we are not able to do it, or we don’t know how to prevent it.

Mostly it happens that we don’t know the right way to prevent food, the vegetable from being unhealthy and useless. Below are some easy and useful kitchen tips which you can implement in your daily cooking and go along with your food. Here they are:

  1. Lemon is very common vegetable/ingredients used in our everyday cooking. Sometimes it happens that you bring it a few days ago and use it after 4-5 days and at the time of using the lemon, it becomes hard and dry. To avoid this situation apply some oil on lemon and keep it in an open bowl outside the refrigerator or in the fridge. It will prevent the lemon from being spoiled and also will give you lots of juice.
  2. Bhajiya or pakora is very common snacks in India. While making a batter of bhajiya, it’s essential to use less amount of water to make it an equal level of batter. But, if you use more water to make a batter and if it becomes a thin batter then add one tablespoon ghee to the batter and then make bhajiya or Pakora from it. Ghee will make the thin batter, slightly thick, so you don’t need to use extra flour for a batter.
  3. To keep the Green onion, fresh and green for a long time is quite a difficult task. But to keep it fresh for a long time, cut it into small pieces and fill it into a water bottle and put it in the refrigerator. This will make the green onions, fresh for longer time and whenever you want to use it is always fresh.

Apply these tips in your everyday cooking. It will help in your kitchen activity.