In our everyday life, we are facing many small and big problems in our kitchen work. Here I am sharing some useful kitchen tips which will help you in your kitchen work. Usually, we throw some unnecessary things which we already used in our kitchen, food, like lemon and orange peel, boiled tea leaves and more, but have you ever thought that things would also help you a lot. We can reuse these things in our daily usage.

Let’s learn some new kitchen tips which help you in your daily activity and also saves your budget.

  1. After using lemon peels add some Bicarbonate of soda to it and wash copper vessel. It makes your copper vessel shines.
  2. After making a tea, Throw the remaining the tea leaves in the rose plant. It will help the plant to grow better. Also, tea leaves work as a fertilizer.
  3. While making a bhatura (usually eaten with chhole) mix some rava with maida. By mixing rava in the maida, it will make your dough softer and helps you to make bhatura smoothly, and also it tastes best.
  4. Cook your meal at LOW flame, it helps the spices to mix well with the vegetables and also gives a rich taste to it.
  5. Dry the papaya peels and then crush it and make a powder of the peels. Use this powder in your meat recipe it gives more yummy taste to your recipe.
  6. To make tomato soup, tomatoes are first boiled in water. Add one green chili, garlic clove and one small piece of ginger into a tomato. It gives extra taste to the soup.
  7. Add one tablespoon lemon juice on sprouted beans and mix it well then place it in the refrigerator. It will help it from reeking.
  8. Mix some lemon juice with vinegar and clean your kitchen wash basin with this mixture. Your wash basin will start shining, and it also helps to remove the Staining.
  9. To remove the spices smell from the mixture jar, add some flour in the jar and mix it. It will remove the smell from the jar.
  10. Usually, it happens at the place where you place a gas cylinder that it leaves a mark on the floor. To keep that place safe, sprinkle some melted wax over there and then put the cylinder it will protect the floor from cylinder marking.
  11. While making a paratha, Add one boiled potato and one teaspoon ajwain into a flour and then make a dough. Now, after making a paratha, bake the paratha with butter. Paratha will become crispy and yummy.
  12. Add some chat masala over bhajiya, pakora, and aloowada and serve it with fry chilies. It looks delicious and attractive.
  13. While baking tomatoes, add some oil on tomatoes it will help to remove the tomato peel easily.
  14. In kheer, when the rice is adequately boiled add some salt to it. It will give a creamy taste to kheer and also requires less sugar in kheer.