Diwali is almost here. Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated with lots of sweets and snacks. In current time you can quickly get Diwali special snacks and sweets readymade from the market. But still, many women prefer to make Diwali snacks at home.

Today I am going to share tips for Diwali snacks preparation. Sometimes it happens that just because of small mistake all made snacks become tasteless. This tips will help you to easily prepare snacks and also gives you proper direction to make it for Diwali. Follow this Diwali snacks preparation tips and make tasty and delicious Diwali snacks.

  • While making a Farsi Puri, add more oil while kneading the dough, it helps to make a soft dough also while you fry the puris it will become softer.
  • While kneading dough for Besan Bhakharwadi, don’t add oil in the besan, it will help to make a round and crispy bhakharwadi. If you add oil to the dough then during frying bhakharwadi will break down.
  • In Diwali, everybody prefers to make Ghughra at home. After making the dough to make ghughra, roll out one big round roti from the ghughra dough. Make small pits on it then sprinkle rice flour on it and spread few drops of ghee on it and roll it. Now, make small rolls of this dough and then roll out small puris from it and prepare ghughra from it. By doing this, ghughra will become more crispy and tasty.
  • If you are preparing any Bengali sweets at home and also prefer to make paneer at home then always use cow’s milk to make paneer. Paneer made from cow’s milk is becoming softer.
  • Most of the Bengali recipes contain the sugar syrup. While making Bengali recipes, always maintain a sugar-water ratio of 5:6. It will help you to make your sweets tastier and also it maintains the sweetness of the sweets.
  • If you are frying the sweets like Gulab Jamun and other mawa sweets and its breaking in the oil, then mix maida into the mixture and then fry it in oil. It will prevent it from breaking into the oil.
  • Add less oil while tempering Chivda. If the chivda looks dried then you can add some oil to it. More oil will spoil the taste of your snacks.
  • While making chivda, add salt and other spices at the time of tempering so that the snacks will get the same taste of all the spices.
  • While making Ghughra and Shakkar Para, rather than using oil, use Ghee to knead the dough. Ghee will make your snacks crispier.
  • While making Chakli, use the gram flour as it’s required, if you use more or less flour than chakli will not become crispy, and it will spoil your snacks.
  • While making an Anarsa, add sugar or jaggery as equal to the rice flour.
  • While frying the anarsa if it’s breaking into the oil then mix some more rice flour to it. It will prevent it from getting it to break.

Keep in mind these tips while preparing snacks for Diwali and make delicious snacks.